Three Movements for Guitar (1978)

Instrumentation: guitar

Score Example: Three Movements for Guitar

Duration: 5:00

Written for Steve Berman of Humboldt County, California

Premiered by Larry Almeida on the Old First Church Concert Series in San Francisco, California, 1979

I. Moderato
II. Larghetto
III. Allegro

Notes: The first movement (Moderato) alternates a lyrical theme with a more percussive section based on seconds and ninths. Chords consist of quartile/quintal structures. The second movement (Larghetto) takes advantage of the singing quality of the lower strings of the instrument and include harmonics and a more “guitaristic” middle section. The third movement (Allegro) is based almost entirely on a five-note motive (set class 5-21) and is, again, harmonized with quartal/quintal sonorities.

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