Spamnation! (2006)

Instrumentation: clarinet quartet (Eb, 2-Bb, Bass)

Duration: 11:30

Written for the Wichita Symphony Clarinets

Premiered at the WSU Contemporary Music Festival by Wesley DeSpain, W. James Jones, Michael Wilder, and Michael Unruh; March 14, 2006

Two Bytes of Spam (movements I and II) premiered at WSU American Music Week; November 3, 2005

I. Fleeing above rhombus bologna
II. Ferret Coffeecup Corporeal Jade
III. Cocoon Harmonic Cellulose
IV. Boogie Buffalo Vibrant Cello

Notes: The title derives from computer spam. Each movement titled with the random collections of words that formed spam emails. I used four titles that were particularly evocative and free-associated the names with music.

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