Of Waters Still and Falling (1999)


Instrumentation: viola and piano

Commissioned by Karen Griebling

Premiered at the WSU Contemporary Music Festival, March 12, 1999

I. Lachrymae Mundi
II. Well of Dreams
III. Going with the Flow

Notes: Nature imagery is often the inspiration for my music; the three movements of this piece are tied together by images of water. The first movement is called Lachrymae Mundi, meaning “Tears of the World,” and it was written to exploit the dark, soulful sound of the viola. The second  movement, Well of Dreaming, portrays a state of deep sleep where restless strange and disjunct thoughts fire just below the smooth surface of consciousness. Going with the Flow represents a cascading stream: water falling swiftly downward, pooling here and there, and flowing freely once again.