Love Never Faileth (1988)

Instrumentation: SAATB choir and piano

Text: from Corinthians 1:13

Duration: 3:30

Commissioned by the First Unitarian Church of Wichita, Kansas for the installation of Patt Herdklotz. Dedicated to Patt Herdklotz.

Premiered at First Unitarian Church; November 13, 1988

Recording: Jennifer Rebours, soprano; Crystal Zimmerman, piano; Wichita State University Contemporary Music Festival –  February 15, 2001 used by permission of the composer

Harmonically, the piece is modal, with some inclusion of synthetic scales. The piano and choir function as equals throughout. The vacillation between the minor and major forms of the tonic triad underscores the bittersweet nature of love. The piece ends with the major tonic chord in order to leave room for the possibility of hope and positive growth.

Finalist in the 1989 Ithaca College/Theodore Presser Choral Composition Contest

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