Longing Past the Moon (1999)

Instrumentation: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, piano

Score Example: Longing Past the Moon

Duration: 15:00

Commissioned by Carolyn J. Bryan with a College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Special Initiatives Grant – Georgia Southern University

Premiered by the Palm Trio at the World Saxophone Congress; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; July 7, 2000.

Recording: The Palm Trio: George Weremchuk, soprano saxophone; Carolyn J. Bryan, alto saxophone; Karla Rocker, piano. Recorded live in performance, January 19, 2014.

Longing is similar to Terra Incognita in its arch form, slow, ethereal opening, and a fast section with dialogue and interchange among the parts. The piece employs a lot of imitation, which is one of the composer’s favorite devices, though she says that her use of it is rarely strict. Katie began composting the piece in the summer of 1999 as the July ’69 moon landing was being commemorated, so the title refers to the human longing to find out “what’s out there” as well as an individual longing for self-knowledge.

Notes by Carolyn J. Bryan from conversation with the composer

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