Into the Great Solitude (1998, rev. 2002)

Instrumentation: for symphonic band

Duration: 9:25

Commissioned by the Alpha Mu Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma to commemorate the chapter’s 50th anniversary.

Written in memory of Elsie Yoshida

Premiered by the Wichita State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble on the WSU Bands Anniversary Concert; May 12, 2002.

Recording: The Wichita State University Wind Ensemble, Victor Markovich, director. Celebration! Celebrating a Tradition of Excellence: 1901-2002. Conducted by Jenny Collins. Used by permission

The piece is a programmatic work evoking the Sierra Nevada Mountains and was adapted from Sierra Nevada for horn choir.

Elsie Yoshida was my Girl Scout leader. She took our troop on a two week trip into the Sierras every summer. We would fundraise all year to pay for expenses. We hiked for ten miles a day for three days and meet the packer at a base camp then continue with day hikes. I went on four of these, and they were one of the best things in my life. Having to pack for that made you think about what you really needed. We had to be self-sufficient in a way that most people don’t have the opportunity to experience. You also get really fit doing that kind of hiking and carrying a pack! Elsie was killed in a car accident while I was writing the piece.

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