Bright Passage (1989)

Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Duration: 7:00

Written for the Wichita New Music Ensemble

Premiered by the Wichita New Music Ensemble for the Wichita Art Association, April 1, 1989

Notes: Stylistically, this could be called “Neo-Impressionistic,” the title suggesting a journey through an eerie, ethereal landscape, be it in the physical world or internal. The piece is in a modified ABA form, the string harmonic drones at the beginning and end suggesting a suspension of time through which melodic fragments combine and diverge. The middle section is more lyrical, initially; however, melodic fragments from the opening section are built up in layers, overwhelming the lyricism of the second section and creating the climax of the piece. The opening material is alluded to at the end, combined with elements of the middle section, to create a feeling of return and change, rather like a spiral. Tonally, the work centers around the pitch class D with much whole-tone figuration at the surface level.