Between Friends (2002)

Instrumentation: woodwind quintet and C trumpet

Duration: 20:15

Composed with a Wichita State University Summer Research Grant for trumpeter Judith Saxton and the Lieurance Woodwind Quintet

Premiered on the Wichita State University American Music Week Concert; November 5, 2002. Used by permission.

I. Awakenings
II. Lament (for Nancy Lutes)
III. Against the Grain
IV. In the Groove

Notes: Between Friends was written for the unusual ensemble of trumpet and woodwind quintet. The four movements of the piece explore the relationship between the trumpet and the more established instrumental group, as well as some of the traditional roles the trumpet has fulfilled in music. In the first movement, the trumpet successively “awakens” the other instruments, alluding to its traditional role as the sounder of reveille in the military. The second movement refers to the trumpets playing of “Taps” at funerals. It is dedicated to former Lieurance Quintet member Nancy Lutes. The third movement established the trumpet as a sort of “bull in a china shop” with respect to the woodwind quintet. After repeated interruptions and attempts to dominate the group, the trumpet finally learns to cooperate. The fourth movement has a perpetual-motion character; here the trumpet participates as an equal member of the ensemble.

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